Would you have this unusual procedure to improve your penis size?

Lots of lads are consumed with the look and size of their penis.

And for those who feel like they’re seriously doing not have in the trouser department, getting penis enlargement surgical treatment or penoplasty might seem like the only option.


Length isn’t all that matters a brand-new cosmetic trend is seeing men opt for surgery to enhance their girth down below.

Speaking specifically to Dailystar.co.uk, accredited cosmetic surgeon Dr David Alessi revealed everything you need to find out about penis priming treatments.

Guys are requesting for increase in girth, he said.

Exactly what does it take to bulk out the area of your trouser snake?

Fat injections to enhance girth include taking fat from the belly and injecting it deeply into the penis,” he continued.

The treatment takes around 45 minutes and will set you back 4,500 but you have avoided sex for 6 weeks to let the penis recover.

As for the outcomes of the manhood makeover, don t expects to stretch more than 1inch broader than you were previously.


And DrAlessi exposed that the long-term results of the procedure might be less than desirable.

Unfortunately, upwards of 90% of men are disappointed with the outcomes, he stated.

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